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Telling stories with the use of symbols and metaphors is as old as the human race and it will continue to be a source of inspiration for us all as long as we persist in our efforts to build a civilization. Not all of the works of fantasy shown here present a coherent story. Not all narratives can be readily understood, the viewer is wishing. Some of these paintings, like The Holy Family do represent specific themes and were meant to be used in the frame work of the catholic liturgy. "Tobias Mayer" was painted for a museum dedicated to him and "Hermann Pedro" hangs above the altar of the Church of the Great Seminary in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

A Stil Life can also tell stories, maybe you can discover what they mean.

Formats from 30 x 30 cm to 350 x 200 cm, created from the year 1985

The life of Tobias Mayer

Painting 4 x 1,40 m for the Tobias-Mayer-Museum in Marbach, Deutschland 

Tobias Mayer was a well-known German astronomer, cartographer and physicist who not only drew precise maps of German cities, invented the Repetition Circle for Land Surveying, but also wrote works on the Earth's magnetic field and color theory. This painting will hang in the Tobias Mayer Museum, Deutschland.

Orders are wellcome.


Painting for a staircase in Vienna

Casino Vienna

Design of the rooms in the Casino Vienna (Fuchs Room) together with father Ernst Fuchs and brother Daniel Friedermann.

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