Art is the very mirror of who we are, our aspirations and hopes,

our fears and struggles, our loves and hates.

It reflects our inner self, our dignity and weakness,

our inadequacies as well as strengths.

Fantastic Realism with Michael Fuchs

April 24th - June 12th, 2021


Every painting, regardless of genre or subject matter, should be a good one… and some of them even great!   The objective of this course is to establish what makes a painting a compelling work of art that enlightens our intellect and ignites our spirit.


We will be incorporating methods of realistic representation to endow images born of our imagination with the persuasiveness of nature studies.  There will be much to explore, discover and learn through this seminar and we will use examples throughout the whole of art history, especially that of the Western world from Giotto to contemporary artists such as De Es Schwertberger.


Each participant will be invited to create a painting from beginning to end alongside the teacher and class in a step by step process.


The class will gather LIVE each Saturday for 8 weeks, alternating lectures/ demonstrations with student review/ Q & A every other week.  The Group Reviews will have a submission process every other week and 10-15 student works will be chosen to review that touch on valuable teaching points.


Students will be invited to join a private group to interact with one other and ask questions from the team.  Playbacks of each session will be posted within 24 hours of the class and available for the following 3 months.  Extensions will be available for a fee.


Individual consultations with the instructor will be available per appointment.

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