Gedichte (Poetry)

Die Gedichte wurden in den Jahren 2008 bis 2012 in englischer Sprache geschrieben und in dem Buch "You are the Mirror" zusammengefasst.

The poems I wrote in the years 2008 to 2012 in English and summarized in the book "You are the Mirror".

In Every Grain of Sand


In every grain of sand and every sun

Submerged in Revelation's unseen sea

I see my unseen lover, never one

To be outdone in all he does for me.

His spirit hovers over my abyss

And is an all-surrounding firmament

Like air to breathe, an all-surrounding kiss,

Whose tongues of fire light his unfurled tent.

    At night my lover comes to me to ease

    My pain and give me rest from labor's day,

    When morning comes, he is a breeze

    Surrounding me with song and lover's play.

        And though to him I’m but a grain of sand,

        He'll move a universe to win my hand.

My Hand in Yours


My hands in yours were like a wounded bird

That couldn't keep his own in flight and fell

From darkest skies and every crow it heard

Was brazen knell of death and deepest hell.

Your hands were like a bridal nest that held

My shaking wings of loneliness and shame,

Your eyes, a light that burned for me and quelled

My fears and grief with all-consuming flame.

    With steady eye and wings I took to flight

    Across a sky that burns as your eyes do,

   To fields of purest gold and clearest light

    And felt your hands support me as I flew.

        Where knells of death once sang a dirge for me,

        Now wedding bells our wedded bliss decree.

My Tiny Brother


My tiny brother lies in disarray,

His fragile arms and legs can still be seen

Amidst the slaughter of what yesterday

Was future's vessel, blameless and pristine.

My brother's tiny hand still holds the chord

That once held him attached to motherhood

Till whitest doctor, servant of his lord,

Conducted services as best he could.

    The blackest kind of mass has now been said

    And tabernacle, thus defiled, is tomb

    Where litanies of death now being read,

    Despair of hope for life in mother's womb.

        At night and all alone my sister weeps

        And wonders mournfully where baby sleeps.

They Say a Kiss


They say a kiss is just a kiss, yet I

Still feel two lips returning my desire

And memories I carry with me cry

In vain for arm's embrace and passion's fire.

They say this life is just a moment lost

In mindless ages, or a random quirk

Of chance selection void of purpose, tossed

Like dice to gamble, not a lover's work.

    I say a kiss, like life, is lover's choice,

    His gift to give as he sees fit to all

    Who live from every word his loving voice

    Made known to them who answered to his call.

        Someday his kiss will reach my lips and I

        Will pass to lover's arms who heard my cry.

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